What is the Ego?

The ego is merely a lens that we may view infinity through, without it we would be in the vibration of collective harmony (which a part of you always is, we are omnidimensional beings). What I mean by this is that we would have the umbrella consciousness of everything at once without it. We use the ego in the same way we use the eyes, it is an interpreter of vibration. It lets you know this experiential reality one life or point of consciousness at a time without the distraction of knowing everything at once. The beauty of the ego is in the breakdown, as it portions out the process into (experiential) bite sized pieces.

To know your connection to everything is considered enlightenment. To express this connection through action or experience is what we often think of as Christ Consciousness (which is our natural state, knowing truth and acting like it). To actually BE all things at all times is that scaler jump to God Consciousness, which ultimately we all are (as a collective). Only from the perspective you are in now (as you) that isn't observable because presently you are the experience that the higher (God) consciousness is having as you. You are infinity expressing itself through the finite. As are we all.

There is only one consciousness (of which we are all pieces), the ego is the mechanism that allows that One entity to focus itself into the individual pieces of itself (which are as internal holograms to IT as your internal visualizations [manifestations] are to YOU). Same entity, same dynamic in the creation process. You are Creator Prime, this whole process is just you remembering yourself. The personal Gnosis (knowledge through experience) that makes up the collective pieces of what you consider "your past" is merely an experiential metaphor there to break it down for you in "the present" about who you are by using the previous moments of your life to do so. Silence is God's first language, everything else is a poor translation. The experience of life in any given moment is the divine act of the higher part of YOUR consciousness attempting to have a dialogue with you through whatever happens to be going on at that moment. It could be literal and send you messages on bumper stickers and candy bar wrappers, or it may be more subtle and tell you you are loved in ways like the hug from your child or the way that you got to see the sunset from just the right place that day. The universe is just an extension of you. Its a reflection based solely on your emotional state of being (at least from the perspective you presently have as YOU).

In Quantum Physics there is a part of every equation, called "The Watcher". This refers to YOU. So when you see it spoken of , know that this is about you.

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