the Kudalini Sneeze

Depending on who you ask there are five Bardos (some people think there are as little as four or as many as six, but these people have their own dogmatic reasons for thinking that way, personal Gnosis tells me there are 5). A Bardo is one of those moments in experiential reality when its "easiest" to realize what's going on. That is to say that they are those moments in life when the veil is the most transparent, or when that veil is slightly pulled back to reveal a moment of truth, and it's easiest to realize the actual self. These Bardos are birth, death, sleep, sneeze, and orgasm.

Here is a cool trick to get the most out of your next sneezing bardo, it's called a kundalini sneeze. Any time you take an involuntary body action (like breathing or sneezing) and make it a conscious act (like watching your breath or this kundalini sneeze technique) its like grabbing the proverbial wheel and steering your own destiny. If you are conscious of these things then you are in a state of conscious manifestation (and vice versa when it falls into autonomous actions like the rhythm of your breath as you sleep) where you direct your mind's eye (personal electromagnetic torsion field) into what we refer to as a "Quantitative Channel" (what most think of as a personal time line), which is another way of saying you get to determine which path you take into any possible quantum futures. This may sound confusing at first, but I promise to come back to it and explain it better in a future post. For now I'll pass along this nifty trick and hopefully it will work as well for you as it has for me.

The next time you feel a sneeze coming on do this: sit up straight in your chair or stand up straight right where you are, you want your spine as straight as it can be so posture up, now tilt your head back at a 32 degree angle (as if you were a snooty person who looked down their nose at others, its the same tilt the sphinx's head sits at, you should look regal), this should align the crown chakra with the base of the spine, put your hands palm up either in your lap one over the other or palms up in the air in front of you (as if they were receivers for invisible source energy), be sure you aren't facing anyone because you don't want to sneeze in their face. Now with the spine straight and the head tilted back a bit... just sneeze.

This should be an entirely different experience then the typical hunched over cover your face sneeze most of us are accustomed to. It should be closer in experience to an orgasm or a moment of clarity then a normal sneeze (like a sneeze multiplier). When you sneeze there is an actual electric pulse that emanates from your diaphragm and travels to your heart, with a kundalini sneeze we manipulate that pulse and let that charge pass not just to the heart but through it to the rest of the body, you should be able to feel the electricity creep up your spine and into your skull once you get it right. (A normal sneeze stops your heart for a second because of the electric pulse that vibrates from the diaphragm when it convulses, with this technique we are using a Hyperdimensional manifestation to pull that pulse through your 11th dimensional "self" which mathematically is one/one millionth of an inch away from every point in the 3rd dimension simultaniously, so in layman's terms it charges all your bits at once from the inside instead of using a linear channel from the outside.) Remember that a typical sneeze can hang in the air for up to 20 minutes so don't hose anybody with your snot cloud. Instead use that sneeze as a personal permission slip to take that moment and use it for some spiritual clarity (like having a cigarette break with God).

I have to warn against trying this if you are pregnant, my wife tried it with a baby in the belly and said it actually hurt. Everyone else (who isn't pregnant) has had a similar experience as my own when trying this "Kundalini Sneeze". So give it a shot next time you gotta sneeze and see what happens.

Once you've done this once or twice and know what to expect (satori maybe?) try and take the technique to the next level. Give the act (the kundalini sneeze) an intention. Something like a quiet thought before the act that says "With this sneeze I intend to...." and fill in the blank. You could intend anything (health, a deeper understanding of something, strength, charm, whatever...), just as long as it is of positive intent. The universal mind only knows how to say yes, it is in a constant state of agreement with whatever frequency your emotional state is vibrating, its just a matter of concentrating on what you want that universal mind (scaler jump, higher self, God...) to say yes to. If you can visualize ANYTHING in the mind's eye before, during, and immediately after the big sneeze then you can use that spark to jump start that visualization from a possible quantum stream to the quantitative reality you manifested that can be experiential. Once you add the intent and visualizations to this technique it goes from Kundalini activation to proactive Chaos Magick (which is ultimately just a tool for Source manipulation and a shortcut to personal realization).

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