Gratitude is worship in it's purest form. Every time you thank someone (or even silently appreciate something) it is the holiest of prayers towards that person or entity. It is a vibration that you emit, and the state of being that you are in as you are "feeling" grateful is energetically the same as one of great love and worship. Gratitude is the most powerful kind of blessing, and a blessing from you is a powerful thing, capable of bending the universe to your will. To thank someone for anything is to use your personal power in its highest form. Abraham calls the emotional state that we vibrate while being grateful "The Art of Allowing". This "Attitude of Gratitude" is the state we must put our personal vibration into whenever we are intent on manifesting something. This is how we "Allow" our magic to manifest.

This is the way to "Anchor" your personal Chaos Magick. The gratitude element is akin to the after taste of any good Chaos ritual, and acts like the proverbial rope or tether that we use to pull ourselves into a new quantitative channel (one of our choosing) from all the possible quantum futures.

To thank anyone (or anything) for something, it is the same as being grateful to that highest part of yourself (the part that is connected to the object of your gratitude the same way that you are connected to it) and by being grateful to that part of yourself you are acknowledging the grand perfection of everything. That is the greatest compliment you can offer to the higher parts of creation, to recognize the perfection of your experience.

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