Imagining the 10th Dimension

This is an excellent explanation of string theory (and ultimately M theory). It is a limited explanation for sure, but it is a great way to expose someone to this stuff. I hope you enjoy this as much as i did.


Question Everything

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Personal Truth and The Chaos Magickian

Let us know that what we consider reality is synonymous with truth, and for each of us (through our ego lens) we experience two kinds of truth. Both are real, yet different from each other, and are based completely on perspective (one is is perspective and one is the lack of it). We will call them "Designated Reality" (aka: Personal Reality) and "Ultimate Reality".

Designated reality is rooted in the sense of self of the observer (the Watcher) in the experience and determines the angle of the perception of the experience, while ultimate reality is the core truth that the experience exists within, it is the dynamic that the act has without the experience of itself, the overall truth without perspective. The metaphor would be to think of two neighbors. One just won the lottery and is having what he considers to be the best day of his life, but the other one's wife just left him and ran over his dog in the drive way on her way out so he's having what he considers to be the worst day of his. Both of these (best and worst days) are based on the designated or personal realities of the ego(s) that are are having the experience. The ultimate reality would be more like, it was a day. And that too would be true. All of these outlooks on this metaphorical day are correct, though the best and worst descriptions are based solely on the perspectives or perceptions of those experiencing that day. The day ultimately is neutral, and your perception of it is what defines it as good or bad, this is how you designate reality (make it personal), you view it through your experience of it.

Knowing this Way of interpreting truth, you may now use this as a base for the next phase of your understanding. The Ultimate truth is that everything is connected at its base level, its all just One thing. What you are now (what your Ego lens is focusing on) is really just the experience that that one higher (collective) consciousness is having as you. Your ego lens is focusing that infinite stream of intelligent (Source) energy into a certain paradigm (your designated truths, personal reality) within itself. The ego is a beautiful tool that allows our spiritual (Source) consciousness to focus physical reality into existence around the point of consciousness that we often think of as the self.

Each point of consciousness is YOU at a different point in the Experiential Time Line. This is what those with Christ Consciousness often refer to as "The Myriad Faces of God". Every person you meet is you in a different life, it is you with a different designated reality, in it's own parallel (pocket) reality. What most people think of as the three dimensional universe is actually just a realm of harmonic vibration, it acts like an invisible tether that links all the various points of consciousness within a certain frequency range of experiential existence, allowing a single entity (You) to experience a singular event from multiple points of perception. Each of those points of perception having its own personal experience (designated reality) based on the sum of its physical pieces and previous experiences. The ultimate reality would be that event without any experiential bias or with the collective input of all the points of consciousness experiencing that event.

Chaos Magick is the manipulation of Designated Reality. If ultimate reality IS the event then designated reality is the experience of that event from a certain point of consciousness. To effectively manipulate the personal (designated) experience you must understand that all that makes a personal truth different from an ultimate truth is the definitions and labels that we use to categorize our experiences into our memories. In Ultimate Reality anything is possible, the ego places limits or borders on reality by labeling things into experiential bite sized chunks. By recognizing the labels and definitions you have in place within your own experience you can change or bend these to allow for the desired experience.

Changing the actual definitions that make you who you think you are in the world you think you live in can be an event within itself. As far as most people are concerned, they really aren't who they think they are, you are much much more then that. You are actually me. You read this from where you sit and I write it from where I sit, but both places are actually just the same all encompassing entity at different points in the experiential time line. That is the big truth that can be hard to understand from some perspectives. Once you have a full understanding of what that implies all of this (all that is) will become quite easy for you to manipulate to your liking, and you will no longer have to create happiness as you will then remember that you can just follow it. That happiness will lead you to where you need to be when you need to be there (like a path of least resistance), that is the beautiful synchronicity of how your personal reality syncs up with mine and all the others in this vibrational realm of harmonic consciousness. In the mean time, until that is an easier pill to swallow, there are Ways of manipulating the designated reality of a conscious entity that make the realization process as easy as you would want it to be. Think of them like the cheat codes for a video game, but they're for the way you experience life. We call them permission slips. They are the ways in which we manipulate those definitions and labels that define our experience by consciously giving the subconscious mind permission to override the limitations placed on the experience by the ego. This way even though you haven't consciously changed some of those definitions that have been limiting your experience you can use their presence for momentum in gaining something you want to occur within the walls of what those definitions would be. For instance, lets say you are poor but want to be rich, and you have always been taught that you have to work hard for your money. Well within your personal reality some people win the lottery and become rich (even though something has yet to happen to you it can still happen within your universe and its very possibility makes it a usable permission slip), so a lottery ticket would be a perfect example of a permission slip as a tool for experiential manipulation of your income. But it doesn't have to be something as normal as a lottery ticket, your only limits (to what you can manifest through mind's eye visualizations) are the boundaries of your imagination. Use your mind's eye and visualize as many ways as you can for you to get whatever your desired effect to be within the confines of your personal definitions. The more you do this the easier it will get, and as it becomes easier it also becomes sharper and more powerful as the conscious mind will relax as the act of visualization becomes habitual and comfortable. Whatever ways you could imagine (that you feel are possible) you should try to visualize those things. A good visualization will cause you to vibrate the energy associated with that desired effect. And that vibration will sync with the one's inside the you in the possible quantum futures (what we call a 5th or 6th dimensional jump, or fold, depending on who you ask). What we are doing with any good Chaos Magick ritual or spell is alot like the way that the Navigators would fold space in Dune (my favorite book(s) and movie), except instead of folding space we as sorcerers are folding the experiential time line itself. We take the Quantum Apex (which is a fancy way of saying You, your point of consciousness as it collapses the possible quantum futures into the experiential present quantitative moment) and we fold it into the sea of chaos that is the infinite possibilities of the future. Because your future is an intersection of infinite possibilities, everything is possible. What you consider the present moment is actually just a pivot point, from which we direct our personal quantitative channels through the experiential time line (which is omni directional). We use the method of Chaos Magick to transverse the possible Quantum Universes.

Think of it like this, synchronicity will give you what you need until you tell it what you want. We can use Chaos (Quantum) Magick as a permission slip to tell what we think of as synchronicity what we want. Depending on your personal gnosis you can name this synchronicity anything you want. Many Chaos Magickians refer to it as the goddess Eris. You could call it your higher self, the over soul, guardian angel, white lighter, spirit guide, yama yama,... whatever. You just want to make it as real as possible within the confines of your personal gnosis. So use those already ingrained thought patterns and definitions to expand on. If you grew up catholic then pick a saint or an angel and empower it enough with your emotional vibration towards it to help you do what you need done (ultimately whatever other aspect of your personality you use, in this case a saint, is actually YOU in a different point in the experiential time line whether real or imagined so pick something good, its all real and its all a figment of your imagination, both are true), or if you grew up Wicca you could use the elements or the goddess as your permission slip for whatever your intent was. The point is that you have your entire lifetime of experiences to draw from. Don't deny your past if it wasn't something you are proud of or if you didn't know then what you know now, use it as a tool to help you make your present day visualizations more real and easier to manifest.

Here is a link to a really cool page on Quantum (Chaos) Magick:


"...And Chaos Ensues"

This is a piece of art that I drew with a pen and my wife colored for me in photoshop. We make a good team. It's about the love between the sun and the moon, and the moon is coming to say goodbye to the sun as it sets into the horizon. The plant in the window has just died and the stars from the sky have come down to show their respect for their dead friend. They are dancing and singing in celebration of it's life. I love this picture.

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Gratitude is worship in it's purest form. Every time you thank someone (or even silently appreciate something) it is the holiest of prayers towards that person or entity. It is a vibration that you emit, and the state of being that you are in as you are "feeling" grateful is energetically the same as one of great love and worship. Gratitude is the most powerful kind of blessing, and a blessing from you is a powerful thing, capable of bending the universe to your will. To thank someone for anything is to use your personal power in its highest form. Abraham calls the emotional state that we vibrate while being grateful "The Art of Allowing". This "Attitude of Gratitude" is the state we must put our personal vibration into whenever we are intent on manifesting something. This is how we "Allow" our magic to manifest.

This is the way to "Anchor" your personal Chaos Magick. The gratitude element is akin to the after taste of any good Chaos ritual, and acts like the proverbial rope or tether that we use to pull ourselves into a new quantitative channel (one of our choosing) from all the possible quantum futures.

To thank anyone (or anything) for something, it is the same as being grateful to that highest part of yourself (the part that is connected to the object of your gratitude the same way that you are connected to it) and by being grateful to that part of yourself you are acknowledging the grand perfection of everything. That is the greatest compliment you can offer to the higher parts of creation, to recognize the perfection of your experience.

"The External Universe" and "The Internal One"

The Gnosis Equation

What is the Ego?

The ego is merely a lens that we may view infinity through, without it we would be in the vibration of collective harmony (which a part of you always is, we are omnidimensional beings). What I mean by this is that we would have the umbrella consciousness of everything at once without it. We use the ego in the same way we use the eyes, it is an interpreter of vibration. It lets you know this experiential reality one life or point of consciousness at a time without the distraction of knowing everything at once. The beauty of the ego is in the breakdown, as it portions out the process into (experiential) bite sized pieces.

To know your connection to everything is considered enlightenment. To express this connection through action or experience is what we often think of as Christ Consciousness (which is our natural state, knowing truth and acting like it). To actually BE all things at all times is that scaler jump to God Consciousness, which ultimately we all are (as a collective). Only from the perspective you are in now (as you) that isn't observable because presently you are the experience that the higher (God) consciousness is having as you. You are infinity expressing itself through the finite. As are we all.

There is only one consciousness (of which we are all pieces), the ego is the mechanism that allows that One entity to focus itself into the individual pieces of itself (which are as internal holograms to IT as your internal visualizations [manifestations] are to YOU). Same entity, same dynamic in the creation process. You are Creator Prime, this whole process is just you remembering yourself. The personal Gnosis (knowledge through experience) that makes up the collective pieces of what you consider "your past" is merely an experiential metaphor there to break it down for you in "the present" about who you are by using the previous moments of your life to do so. Silence is God's first language, everything else is a poor translation. The experience of life in any given moment is the divine act of the higher part of YOUR consciousness attempting to have a dialogue with you through whatever happens to be going on at that moment. It could be literal and send you messages on bumper stickers and candy bar wrappers, or it may be more subtle and tell you you are loved in ways like the hug from your child or the way that you got to see the sunset from just the right place that day. The universe is just an extension of you. Its a reflection based solely on your emotional state of being (at least from the perspective you presently have as YOU).

In Quantum Physics there is a part of every equation, called "The Watcher". This refers to YOU. So when you see it spoken of , know that this is about you.


the Kudalini Sneeze

Depending on who you ask there are five Bardos (some people think there are as little as four or as many as six, but these people have their own dogmatic reasons for thinking that way, personal Gnosis tells me there are 5). A Bardo is one of those moments in experiential reality when its "easiest" to realize what's going on. That is to say that they are those moments in life when the veil is the most transparent, or when that veil is slightly pulled back to reveal a moment of truth, and it's easiest to realize the actual self. These Bardos are birth, death, sleep, sneeze, and orgasm.

Here is a cool trick to get the most out of your next sneezing bardo, it's called a kundalini sneeze. Any time you take an involuntary body action (like breathing or sneezing) and make it a conscious act (like watching your breath or this kundalini sneeze technique) its like grabbing the proverbial wheel and steering your own destiny. If you are conscious of these things then you are in a state of conscious manifestation (and vice versa when it falls into autonomous actions like the rhythm of your breath as you sleep) where you direct your mind's eye (personal electromagnetic torsion field) into what we refer to as a "Quantitative Channel" (what most think of as a personal time line), which is another way of saying you get to determine which path you take into any possible quantum futures. This may sound confusing at first, but I promise to come back to it and explain it better in a future post. For now I'll pass along this nifty trick and hopefully it will work as well for you as it has for me.

The next time you feel a sneeze coming on do this: sit up straight in your chair or stand up straight right where you are, you want your spine as straight as it can be so posture up, now tilt your head back at a 32 degree angle (as if you were a snooty person who looked down their nose at others, its the same tilt the sphinx's head sits at, you should look regal), this should align the crown chakra with the base of the spine, put your hands palm up either in your lap one over the other or palms up in the air in front of you (as if they were receivers for invisible source energy), be sure you aren't facing anyone because you don't want to sneeze in their face. Now with the spine straight and the head tilted back a bit... just sneeze.

This should be an entirely different experience then the typical hunched over cover your face sneeze most of us are accustomed to. It should be closer in experience to an orgasm or a moment of clarity then a normal sneeze (like a sneeze multiplier). When you sneeze there is an actual electric pulse that emanates from your diaphragm and travels to your heart, with a kundalini sneeze we manipulate that pulse and let that charge pass not just to the heart but through it to the rest of the body, you should be able to feel the electricity creep up your spine and into your skull once you get it right. (A normal sneeze stops your heart for a second because of the electric pulse that vibrates from the diaphragm when it convulses, with this technique we are using a Hyperdimensional manifestation to pull that pulse through your 11th dimensional "self" which mathematically is one/one millionth of an inch away from every point in the 3rd dimension simultaniously, so in layman's terms it charges all your bits at once from the inside instead of using a linear channel from the outside.) Remember that a typical sneeze can hang in the air for up to 20 minutes so don't hose anybody with your snot cloud. Instead use that sneeze as a personal permission slip to take that moment and use it for some spiritual clarity (like having a cigarette break with God).

I have to warn against trying this if you are pregnant, my wife tried it with a baby in the belly and said it actually hurt. Everyone else (who isn't pregnant) has had a similar experience as my own when trying this "Kundalini Sneeze". So give it a shot next time you gotta sneeze and see what happens.

Once you've done this once or twice and know what to expect (satori maybe?) try and take the technique to the next level. Give the act (the kundalini sneeze) an intention. Something like a quiet thought before the act that says "With this sneeze I intend to...." and fill in the blank. You could intend anything (health, a deeper understanding of something, strength, charm, whatever...), just as long as it is of positive intent. The universal mind only knows how to say yes, it is in a constant state of agreement with whatever frequency your emotional state is vibrating, its just a matter of concentrating on what you want that universal mind (scaler jump, higher self, God...) to say yes to. If you can visualize ANYTHING in the mind's eye before, during, and immediately after the big sneeze then you can use that spark to jump start that visualization from a possible quantum stream to the quantitative reality you manifested that can be experiential. Once you add the intent and visualizations to this technique it goes from Kundalini activation to proactive Chaos Magick (which is ultimately just a tool for Source manipulation and a shortcut to personal realization).